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photo of Trent Sutton, Owner/Lead Stylist Trent Sutton
Trent Edward Salon
530 First street
Lake Oswego, OR, 97304 USA

As a young boy growing up in Indiana, Trent Edward Sutton channeled his early artistic energies toward the usual teen-angsty outlets: alternative rock, art and skateboarding. Fast forward to 2002, and Trent found himself far from home, on the sun-baked shores of San Diego. Looking for a practical way to spin his creative passion, he enrolled in cosmetology school. "I instantly fell in love with hair styling," Trent says. "The fusion of color, shape and texture fascinated me. Making clients look and feel great was such a rush. I was hooked."


Upon graduation, Trent began working for a high-end salon in La Jolla, Calif., where he built upon his natural affinity for hair design. "My mentor, Tom Leach, helped me realize my full potential. It was a great opportunity to perfect my color skills and refine my finishing skills."


Trent continued his education with advanced cut, color and styling classes at Vidal Sassoon, Saco London, L'Oreal and Paul Mitchell. He continues to build on the strong foundation of his early education and experience. "Taking classes keeps me current and helps ensure clients get the best from me," Trent says. "That's what it's about—giving clients the best."


Trent now shares his knowledge and experience with others as an educator for L'Oreal Professional. It's offered him a chance to not only teach, but to learn from his peers. "Working with others who share my interest in healthy, beautiful hair is a great inspiration," Trent says. "Seeing other people's work keeps me motivated and creative."


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